Beanfiddler Reviews:Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G

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I like vibrators that perform multiple functions and can stimulate more than one part of my body at a time. I have also had my eye out for smaller vibrators lately because many of my vibrators are on the larger side. I was browsing the website and saw the Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator and thought it might be fun to try out.

The Dahlia Breeze Power Bullet G Vibrator is made by BMS Enterprises, a Canadian company. The only other product from BMS I have reviewed is the leaf Fresh, which I really liked. However, these vibrators are very different. The Dahlia Breeze Vibrator is made of hard plastic with Rubber Cote, which is a coating over the entire vibrator that makes it soft and smooth. I like sex toys made of plastic because they are latex and phthalate-free and non-porous.

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