blacksilk reviews Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar

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The Doc Johnson Wonderland Pleasurepillar, sold by Lovehoney, is one of five vibrators in Doc Johnson’s new Wonderland range, based (as you might be able to guess) on the weird world of Alice in Wonderland. This particular mint-green vibrator is based on the character of the Caterpillar. I love all things Alice in Wonderland, whether based on the book itself or simply using that sort of quirky gothic style, so I was keen to try out this toy.


The packaging is very impressive, especially for a company I don’t usually associate with sophistication. First, a smooth, white cardboard sleeve with fancy gold-coloured lettering, showing an image of the Pleasurepillar backed by a Wonderland-style chessboard. Once you slip off this sleeve, there is a white box with the gorgeous, gothic Doc Johnson Wonderland logo on it.

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