Kitty Reviews: Divine Scintillation

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Author: Kitty

Having never worked with EroticToyTown, I was really excited when I got contacted to do a sex toy review with them.  They had a really nice website and I thought I would give them a shot.  The toy I chose was the Divine Scintillation wand massager.  It looked so cute and I loved the fun designs on the handle!

The toy showed up in speedy fashion, and with no indication on the outside as to who sent it.  Fear not if you live with roommates, children, or others who you’d prefer not see your latest bedroom acquisition.  Once I opened the packaging itself, the box the toy comes in was very small and easy to hide or dispose of.  The head of the toy (which is made from rubber) does collect lint and dust, so you could save the box for storage if you’d like

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