Eden Fantasys latest greatest deals!


I always like to swing by Eden Fantasys not only to check into the eden classifieds section (which includes all kindsa goodies that people are buying, selling, looking for and trading!) but to also check out what kind of awesome sauce deals they have going on at any given time!

First of all they have the free standard shipping starting at only $35! Their shipping is always fast and comes in the standard packaging so that no one is the wiser of what is inside! Which as many packages as I get is a blessing..though I bet at times the ups/fedex/neighbors/usps wonder what in the world I am getting so many packages for !

Right now some of the great offers going on include:

30% off of Toys for men (the holiday season is getting close by, so maybe pick up something special for that guy in your life?)

20% off Lelo & Picobong goodies( Lelo…really..do I need to make a comment?)

30% off of Doc Johnson Dildos (ooh, I love me some Doc Johonson toys!)

30%off select calex rabbits and g-spot toys (have you found your g-spot yet? AMAZING!!)

30%off position support(I do have some of these items but I haven’t tried them yet!)

20% off dreamgirls goodies (ooh, dress up and lingerie!)

As you can see there is always something amazing going on at eden fantasys and you are sure to find something you will like. Even when their items aren’t on sale they are one of the most reasonable priced adult retailers on the web, I always feel like my money is going further when I shop with them , no matter what!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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