Kitty Reviews Icicles # 20

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Originally Posted at : The Sub Mission

Author: Kitty

I’ve tried many different glass dildos, and I’ve loved most of them. Glass is wonderful for many reasons: sterilizable, hard texture, good for temperature play, etc. I’ve never had a vibrating glass toy though, so I was really eager to try this one out. Thank you so much, to Relaxation Inc for sending me this one from their sex toys for her section!

The toy arrived in a pretty simple box, which was nice. It has a picture of the toy on the front, and tells you a bit about the toy. On the inside, there’s a lot of foam so that your toy doesn’t get damaged during shipping or storage. Since the toy doesn’t come with any kind of storage bag or pouch, you may want to keep the box for storage. Unfortunately, the box is much bigger than the toy, so I personally hand made a padded bag for my new vibrator.

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