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The Tantus ‘Mark’ dildo was my first experience in the world of the “o2” or “dual-density” dildo lines. For those who don’t know, a lot of companies sell dual density dildos which have the benefit of feeling a bit more lifelike than a simple dildo. Dual density toys are made with a firmer silicone on the inside to act as a solid framework and to prevent the toy from being too floppy. Dual density dildos are my favorite because of the additional outer level of silicone added that is much softer and have a lot more give in their material (squishy and wonderful feeling, pretty much).

6 1/4″
Insertable length:
5 1/2″
4 3/4″
1 3/8″
9.7 oz

Mark is packaged in the signiture Tantus plastic box. It isn’t anything special really, just see-through packaging with the toy’s information on it.

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