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Ah, the Iris. You know the feeling you get thinking about your childhood? Most of us get a little nostalgic. Unless you’re me, however, and your favorite activity was sitting in dirt and pretending to be a human bus transporting the local fire ants around the yard. They never even thanked me, those ungrateful turds. Their thanks was a continuous assault of bites I was tormented with. Strangely enough, I never seemed to understand why they didn’t like my humanitarian efforts… Good thing I’ve matured into the genius I am today.

Alright, let’s get back to relevant information. The Lelo Iris was my very first sex toy (see what I did there with the childhood nostalgia reference? alright, give me a break here. it’s my first review). Lelo’s luxury point of view in the sex toy industry really convinced me to continue being curious about the adult products available out there.

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