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The Heart’s Desire Warming Massager made by Classic Erotica is designed to add a warm touch for a more sensual massage. It’s a reusable liquid heart-shaped pouch that turns to a warm solid with the click of a little metal disk.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really wanting the Heart’s Desire Warming Massager for massage purposes. Well, not entirely. Acquiring a reusable, portable, hand-warming thing for the Winter was also on my agenda.



The packaging is fairly simple. A printed sleeve with some information and the product picture is wrapped around the outside of a white box, which holds the massager that is sealed in a clear plastic bag. Be careful cutting open the bag, so you don’t cut or puncture the massager. Although the packaging does make the massager look like it has text and lingerie screen-printed onto it, the massager is devoid of any design.

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