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Hello again! Time for another review, and today’s pick is the Je Joue Mimi — a small but powerful vibrator that’s been a staple in my toybox. I use MiMi for clitoral stimulation, but the toy’s shape makes it so versatile to play with. For the dudes, this silky silicone can be equally pleasurable running up against the shaft, frenulum, or balls (even better with oral sex during partner play). I’m kind of torn on reviewing this thing, because I love it so much — when it works properly. More on that later…

First, let’s go over MiMI’s specifications:

Length: 3 1/4″

Circumference: 5″

Diameter: 2″

Five vibration levels, five vibration patterns — patterns only run on highest vibe levels (levels & patterns controlled by cycling through plus & minus buttons)

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