Beanfiddler Reviews: Lelo Isla

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If you follow Bean Fiddler or have checked out My Toy Box, you’ll see that I have a reviewed a fair amount of LELO Pleasure Objects and I generally enjoy them. When EdenFantasys asked if I would be interested in trying out the LELO Insignia Isla I jumped at the chance. I know it’s not one of their newest vibrators, but I love my waterproof sex toys, so when I had the the opportunity to review such a high quality vibrator, I was excited.

LELO is a Swedish company that produces high-end luxury sex toys, or as they call them, Pleasure Objects. The LELO Insignia line is their relatively new line of waterproof vibrators. They are differentiated from the other LELO sex toys by their gold plastic accents, and of course by being waterproof. This allows you to take the Isla into the bath or shower and makes cleaning the vibrator mostly a breeze.

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