CalEx Inked Vibes Slimline review by blacksilk

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♦ The Inked Vibe Slimline, made by California Exotic Novelties (Cal Ex), is a “tattooed” hard plastic vibrator sold by Desire and Pleasure, the sex toy selling branch of UK sexual health charity The Family Planning Association (FPA). The FPA have a very long and respected history as a sex-related charity in this country, so I was very intrigued by their decision to launch Desire and Pleasure and honoured to work with them.

The Inked Vibe comes in a plastic box with a see-through front window, inside the vibrator rests in a clear plastic insert. The box contains some information on the and size material of the toy as well as its functions, but spends most of its time garishly burning my retinas. It’s pretty tacky-looking for a box with no 80s soft-porn women on.

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