Lelo Luna Beads Mini Review by A

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I never thought I’d want to try the Lelo Luna Beads Mini. I mean, I’m still in my very early 20s, don’t have kids, and don’t have urinary incontinence.

Why try the Luna Beads? Well, for one, I wanted to see if it was pleasurable to wear throughout the day (some people have said the slight vibrations from movement feel good) & if kegel exercisers actually did strengthen and prolong orgasms.


Length (in harness): 3″

2 Pink & 2 Blue weighted Beads

Weight (Pink): 28 grams each 

Weight (Blue): 37 grams each


Beads: ABS plastic, string 

Harness: silicone

 Size Difference in Classic vs Mini:

Classic – 36 mm; Mini – 29mm

I chose the Mini version because Lelo recommends them for customers under 30 who haven’t experienced childbirth. Plus, when I saw how large the classics were, I knew it was not going to work for me in that size

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