Jen Reviews: Alligator Clamps

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The Alligator Clamps are a good choice for adding a little nipple torture play to your sexual encounters. Don’t let the word “torture” put you off though, these clamps are completely adjustable allowing you to choose your level of pressure. These clamps are not gender specific and can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to use them. While these are fun to use on your own, there is no reason why you could use these during sex to add a little extra something to the experience.

Material / Texture

The Alligator Clamps are made out of metal with a rubber/plastic coating over the area which you apply to your nipples. The chain connecting the two clamps is also made out of metal, but in link form. The clamps themselves feature no texture on the area which you place on your nipple. The screws that adjust the pressure, however, are textured for better grip.

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