Time to get stocked up on some goodies again!


I was just realizing.. well not JUST but..I have realized how I am totally out of it in the adult community when it comes to picking items to buy or on that rare occasion, to review! I don’t know what half of the toys people submit here are anymore lol. I am really going to have to make a better effort to get involved with things again.

I figure there is no better time than the present, since it’s february and i’m a ciche’ and think about love and romance when it comes to February because of valentines day(and my birthday).

Of course Eden Fantasys is a good places for me to start looking for some awesome new goodies to get my toybox stocked back up with all their awesome deals and huge selection!

Some of their deals right now include:
Save 25% on lingerie – expires Feb. 15th (I love lingerie, and need to update mine majorly!)
Save 30% on top luxury items If you are gonna go, go all the way!
Save 25% on select Pipedream products for your very own 50 Shades of Fantasy – expires Feb. 15th (OH DOES THAT NOT SOUND AWESOME SAUCE..YES HUGE 50 FAN RIGHT HERE! In case you didn’t know! I actually got my Best friend Jason to read the first one! )

ALso, they have the Valentine”s Day Playbook to create your own perfect Valentine’s Day!

Well, I guess I best scoot off and pick out some goodies! :)

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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