Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Butterfly Stim Review By Chris Kinnk

Image Via Chris Kinnk

Image Via Chris Kinnk

Originally Posted at: KinkyTesters.com

Author: Chris Kinnk

Electro-stimulation is something we at Kinky Testers have not played with extensively. Ms Kinnk does however own a TENS machine, but this is not something we have incorporated into our bedroom play. Rather it was used mostly for relieving the pain of labour and bad backs.

So, when ÜberKinky asked us to review this Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Butterfly Stim from Pipedream, we jumped at the opportunity. As with all ÜberKinky’s deliveries, the Butterfly Stim arrived promptly in discreet packaging. Good job too, as our next door neighbour is a postman!

The Butterly Stim is presented in a simple cardboard box with the contents wrapped in a bubble wrap bag. The box does feature a rather dodgy looking couple in the nip, with over-exaggerated sexy time expressions. Ms Kinnk cringed and laughed a bit. Not a good start, but we don’t like to judge a book by its cover here at Kinky Towers

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