Tantus Anaconda Review by Jen

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Author: Jen

Overall I enjoyed the Anaconda, though I think it may be a little too girthy for my normal taste. The only real complaint I have with it is that, because the shaft is more of a matte finish, there is a lot of extra drag on top of the inhereint drag of silicone. Other than that, this was a good dildo, Nothing too spectacular, but still good.

The Tantus Anaconda is almost like your run of the mill dildo, with one exception: it has a handle. the handle is not just good for thrusting but in addition to the dildos total length it makes for great riding where you prop the Anaconda on the floor.


  • Perfect amount of firmness and give
  • 100% Silicone


  • Might be too girthy for some
  • The matte texture of the shaft causes additional drag in addition to the normal drag of silicone

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