Wartenburg Wheel Review by Kitty

img via kitty

img via kitty

Originally Posted At: The Sub Mission

Author: Kitty

This is a review I’d never actually intended to write. Wartenberg Wheels have been a staple in my own personal toy box for as long as I’ve known what BDSM was. There are a lot of reviews on them all over the web, so it seemed sort of silly to me to put my own review out there. But you know what? I think the humble, gorgeous Wartenberg Wheel is being given a bad name by their plastic counterparts, and I want to do my part to set the record straight. Wartenberg Wheels are awesome.

Now, as with any toy there will always be people who do not get along with the Wartenberg Wheel. I had a friend who was curious about them, and I showed him mine. He asked me to test it for him on his hand, to feel the sensation.

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