Butt Boy Review By Beanfiddler

img via beanfiddler

img via beanfiddler

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Author: Beanfiddler

I have reviewed a few sex toys from Rocks-Off, such as the Rocks-Off RO-160mm, the Rocks-Off RO-150 Slimline, and the Rocks-Off Luv Massager, but I hadn’t tried any of their butt toys. There was one I’d had my eye on for some time, the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy, so I was quite pleased when Adult Sensations sent it to me for review.

Beanpole Fiddler and I disagreed about whether or not the Rocks-Off Butt-Boy is a prostate massager. He insisted that it is while I said it is for all butts. Turns out we are both right, though he may be slightly more right than I am. In the Rocks-Off catalog, the Butt-Boy is listed under butt plugs but it does actually have a diagram of a man on the back of the box indicating how to use the Butt-Boy as a prostate massager.

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