Shunga Massage Candle Review by Mrs.JoJo

Shunga Massage Candle Review Book Cover Shunga Massage Candle Review
Naughty Corner Reviews Mrs JoJo

The Shunga Massage Candle is a relaxing, sensual and aromatic candle.

It comes in a black tin with a Geisha ‘entertaining’ a male client, pictured on the front of the tin.  On the sides of the tin, you are given a caution about not leaving a flame unattended and also how to use this candle.

Inside the tin, you are supplied with a small plastic spoon, which is to be used to scoop up the melted wax oil.

I have been asked to review the vanilla scent (Desire) and Exotic fruits (Libido).

To use, let the candle burn for 20 minutes, during this time the candle’s scent will fill the room.  Once the candle has melted into an oil like texture, you can either use the provided spoon to scoop and pour the wax over you partner, or you can pour the wax into the palm  of your hand.

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