Silverdrop Reviews: Sex and Mischief Silicone Anal Beads

ig via silverdrop

ig via silverdrop

Originally Posted At: Silverdrop Toybox

Author: SilverDrop


  • 100% silicone with a velvety rather than tacky feel
  • Easy to insert
  • Feel amazing on the way out
  • Not pink or purple
  • Good value for money


  • Retrieval ring is dangerously soft – could get pulled inside
  • Shape and length makes it probable that some feces will be removed along with the toy


Being silicone and fully sterilizable, this toy is safe to share between partners, and both my husband and I have had our turns with it. We both find this toy gives immense pleasure when pulled out right at the point of orgasm. I’ve found it necessary for my own peace of mind to tie a cord to the ring for extra assurance that we can easily retrieve the toy should the ring end up inside the rectum. This is really the only shortcoming, and I can’t bring myself to knock a star off for it.

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