Blacksilk reviews Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax Kit

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img via blacksilk

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♦ The Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax kit is a wax play kit in Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy line, sold by Temptations Direct. I foresee this review being a short one. Why? It’s four candles (wait for it). In a box. With, oh horror of horrors, a “Free Mask”. There’s just not an awful lot to say, but I’ll soldier on.

The packaging is, like the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit, very much the usual Fetish Fantasy packaging for their range of bondage gear and equipment. The box is not classy, not subtle, not even sexy, but certainly better than the last one for sheer tackiness. This box is just mildly tacky, rather than Sovereign Glue. It’s certainly sturdy enough to keep the Sensual Hot Wax candles in until you’ve used them all up.

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