Ladygasm and The Ladygasm Jessica

Here I am again to talk about ONE MORE of the awesome sites that I discovered while I was working on trying to acquaint myself with the toys and things that I have been out of the loop on for so long!  That way maybe when  you all are submitting reviews and/or I have the chance to request some things for reviews I won’t be sitting here in baffled confusion with no clue what the items you all are submitting are, and maybe even have ideas for requests. What a concept right?

The last site  that I went to and wrote about was and well.. guess what ya’ll? there is also! I like the names of these 2 ..I really really do.  It just seems so encouraging to use part of orgasm in your name for some reason!

Ladygasm of course caters to the ladies, which I was really interested in seeing as how 99% of my items that are in my collection are for me, and i feel like I am on a level playing field when it comes to these sorts of toys! I guess that I have  such better knowledge when it comes to a ladies perspective, but then again why would I not, since I am one!  I just like to see what kind of things are out there because I think that every woman should have at least one toy. When I browse male toy sites/ the male toy sections of sites I feel like i’m in a foreign world! Maybe one day i’ll have to remedy that but in the mean time, I’m sticking to what I know!

Ladygasm has affordable toys that range from about $60-$80, rechargeable toys,silicone toys and more. They are simple to use ,, and you most likely can figure it out how to use them without reading an instruction manual!
Another awesome thing is that the models and such on their site are REAL women, not photoshopped and in these crazy fake looking situations! They are all about keeping it real!  One more highlight? They have discreet shipping. It’s all win win with them!

One of the toys that they had that caught my eyes, (O.k. a lot of them caught my eye if you want to be honest. I told you I have cleaned out my collection so much lately, plus reviews have died down, so I am pretty much toy poor in a real way right now!)  was the  Ladygasm Jessica (Jessica whoever she is must be flattered to have a toy named after her, I know I would be ) Was one of the most unique looking toys I have saw in a long time! It is made of medical grade silicone and has 7 speeds It has a VERY reasonable price of only $35 bucks too!  It is a clitorial toy which most of you who have ready anything I write know that that those are my favorite! It also operates for hours only on 2 AA batteries! Also, the ears are flexiable!  If you are looking for a unique one i’d def. check into this one!

this post is a sponsored post written on behalf of All information above is based on my own honest thoughts opinions and ideas based on browsing their site and looking at items. Actual results /Your Results and experiences may vary.


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