Mangasm: Mangasm Buzz

Continuing on my quest to learn about some toys and sites that I didn’t know about, I decided to keep going on the guy toy market trail …Seriously, when it comes to guy toys i’m at a loss. David really isn’t into toys, and I don’t think I would ever be able to convince him to try any and help me review them…but I can’t help but to be a little curious about them. Maybe he would be interested in mixing it up a little bit at some point you know? You never ever know I suppose! Anything is possible.It isn’t like he totally isn’t into toys and trying new things.. It just isn’t something that we  do very often. Maybe we are really a old , boring married couple at a young age!  Which might not be the worst thing ever either!

The next site I explored to was (Cute name, no? I mean like MAN and ORGASM= Mangasm! I liked it alot!) Mangasm was a sit that  had a bunch of male goodies like fleshlights and pocket pussies and the like.  They also had lubes, and the autoblow as well. It was like guy heaven for sure! If I were a guy i’m sure i’d have found it heavenly! I mean really I don’t think there are nearly as many toys for guys out there as there are for ladies, which is a bit sad!

Something interesting that caught my eye was the Mangasm Buzz, which is  a prostate toy for the guys out there. I do have some experience with anal play when it comes to guys. I actually have a really nice harness and dildo set and on very rare occasions I have gotten to use it on David, but it’s not something that we are really into so to speak.

Now, I didn’t know this but apparently the prostate is similar to the female g-spot!  I didn’t realize that there was such a thing for guys. I told you that I know so little about guy toys it’s really kind of sad! I recently found my g-spot and to know that guys have something similar, well  I think that it is pretty amazing! It really is a different kind of orgasm for sure!
So  the idea that A guy could have a feeling that compares is just totally awesome in thought to me!

So, anyways, on to talking about this mangasm buzz!   Basically it is a vibrator to  use anally for guys. It is made up of silicone, which is one of the best things in my opinion that a toy can be made from since it is sable to be sterilized  and it is also good at repelling dirt and bacteria!

It’s got all the qualities that I would personally look for in a female g-spot vibrator. It’s got ripples. It’s got  a removable bullet vibe that has 5 speeds. So you can use it with the vibrator or without! Basically with
the vibrator going you are stimulating not only the prostate but the entire area around it for one amazing sensation.  This toy is one for someone who wants to experience the full level of having this sort of orgasm. It makes me really hapy for guys every where that they can have this sort of experience!


this post is a sponsored post written on behalf of All information above is based on my own honest thoughts opinions and ideas based on browsing their site and looking at items. Actual results /Your Results and experiences may vary.


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