Nichole Spotlight: Igino One

img via ignio

img via ignio

A few weeks back on twitter, I had a company start following me on the Grits-Reviews account: Igino. Since I didn’t recognize the name, I decided to check their website out!

They are currently getting ready to release their toy, The Igino one. As far as looks, and putting it with something that everyone would be more familiar with, it looks like an Iphone!  Also? It’s pink and white Oh,and it’s a clit toy.. I was intrigued, so I contacted the company about perhaps getting one to review when they are available, and they said yes! I was beyond excited!

I also offered to help spotlight the item here on grits-reviews to help them get the word out about the product! Not only is it cute, it has some interesting things that I haven’t saw anywhere else in a toy (which, really I have saw so many toys, it says a lot !)

VibraMoove: which is supposed to simulate the way your fingers move, when you use that method to please yourself. I really thought that was interesting, because I remember back before toys..well I used my fingers! Of course it was tiring at times so..this would def. be less work on yourself!

SkinTouch Head: it’s supposed to feel like skin, so i’m pretty interested in this as well! sounds interesting!

Hygienic Cover: keeps it from attracting dirt and the like when it’s out in the open and such!

The Igino One is using the platform Indiegogo to raise money to make this toy a reality as well! Check out their Indiegogo page here

I look forward to bringing you a full review on this  unique cutie in the near future!

this is a spotlight on an item that I will be receiving in the future. I do not have this item yet, and I haven’t been paid to write this post.

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