Stronic Enis review by Bex


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img via bex

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Author: Bex

Pros:                                                               Cons:

+ Unique Thrusting Motion                         – Draggy Silicone

+ Easy Controls                                            – Price

+ Many Speeds                                             – Clitoral Nub

I have always lusted after Fun Factory vibes, particularly their G4 line, but I kept putting off purchasing one of them, letting other beautiful toys distract me; that is, until I saw the Stronic Enis. When I started seeing the videos and promotions for the Stronic I knew I had to have it. Unlike many women, I prefer internal stimulation and thrusting to external stimulation. I’ve been intrigued by fucking machines but being a poor college kid I haven’t had the funds or access to try one, so when I first saw the Stronic Enis it seemed like a dream come true, it was a compact fucking machine that fit easily in my nightstand and that, although pricey, I could afford.

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