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img via true pleasures

img via true pleasures

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Not long ago, Tantus introduced a line of four silicone paddles. They were designed for the advanced enthusiasts, and are made from Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium silicone. Why the advanced enthusiasts? The paddles may not seem that intimidating at first glance, but they can pack a mean punch.

The Wham Bam, a long, slender rectangular paddle made from rigid silicone delivers a stingy slap like no other paddle I’ve had. It doesn’t take much for it to light my skin up like a Christmas tree, leaving it all tingly for minutes after.


I received my Wham Bam directly from Tantus in a non-descript box. No need to worry about anyone knowing the contents of the package. Inside was the paddle, sheathed in plastic with two tags attached to the hole in the handle via a bendy plastic string the size of spaghetti.

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