Yes, I’m nichole and I’m behind…

I just wanted to write a quick note to let everyone know that even though I am backed up… (what else is new) I am still alive and kicking. The Q is pretty darn full right now and really needs some attention. The next day that I know I will have time to really make a dent in it is a few weeks away..but i’m gonna try to stab at it here and there until then but April 19th will probably be a big day for working here unless something comes up

I had jury duty which threw me off for 2 full days last week (really crazy stuff I almost got picked and it would have been a 2+ week trial.) Then I have had several reviews and such going on on my personal site as well as trying to keep up in the house and everything!

So…just so you know your stuff will eventually show up here I promise. There are 2 reviews upcoming here as well. I already have one item the Iride and the Iginio will be here sometime as well.

Take care

reach out on twitter @xxpollypocket/ @gritsreviews if you want to say hi or need me for any reason!



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