There’s a New Queen In Town

As the title says there is a new queen in town and as many of you have probably known for a while Nichole was considering selling Grits.  She had been unsuccessful until one night when I told her that I wanted her site.  I thought it was going to take me awhile to save up the money to get this baby, but it only took me a week.  So, two weeks ago I decided I wanted to buy this bad boy and here I am.

Pash the Queen<—- This is me, my name is Ashley, but you will more than likely hear me refer to myself as Pash because in all honesty that is what I prefer to be called.  I have updated the pages on here so that they now tell you all about me because I know you were dying to learn who I am.  I also am the owner of two other blogs: Never Beg For Mercy and Parsimonious Pash.  The second one is my family friendly lifestyle blog.  If you are interested in my life being disabled, some of my other hobbies, or non adult reviews you can head on over there.  Never Beg For Mercy on the other hand is co-owned by my best friend Kitty.  We started that one recently and it is our kinky little baby.

I will be bringing this website back to life.  Feel free to submit reviews however I am still putting this together so there is a back log of submissions right now.  If you are a brand here and have worked with Nichole in the past please feel free to reach out because I can offer a review opportunity on my other blog.

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