Kitty @ Never Beg For Mercy: Love Letter To My Hitachi Review

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Kitty @ Never Beg For Mercy
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There comes a time in every girl’s life that she must take an important step forward. She may be quite nervous at first, and that’s perfectly natural. She’ll probably ask around about it beforehand, talk to more knowing friends and see what they have to say, what advice they have to offer. She may covertly look up information online, checking to make sure no one’s looking and quickly deleting her browser history. And then she’ll finally just think to herself, It’s time, I’ve got to do it. It’s supposed to be wonderful. Plenty of people do, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. It’s just different, that’s all. And she’ll finally do it, and it will feel a bit odd at first, but then she’ll get the hang of it and decide it really is all it’s cracked up to be. She can’t believe she’s waited this long, this isn’t anything to be worried about, this is fantastic! I’m talking, of course, about getting a Hitachi. What did you think I meant?

Let me just say, right now, before I go into detail, that they are FANTASTIC! I have never once regretted my purchase, and it is without a doubt the best sex toy I have ever owned. And trust me, I own quite the collection of toys of all varieties and purposes. It’s hands-down my favorite. No other toy I’ve tried has ever come close to the mind-bending feeling that is a Hitachi orgasm. I could write sonnets about it…

But, I’m getting a little overly amorous toward an inanimate object here, so let’s just get on with what you should know…


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