BeanFiddler: Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger Review

Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger Review Book Cover Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger Review
August 28, 2013

Floggers come in all sorts of sizes and different materials. The Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger is the most beautiful example of a flogger I have ever seen. Granted, I am not an expert on floggers, but I’ve handled more than a few and the Mea Culpa is truly exquisite.

Mea Culpa means “through my fault” in Latin, which is a particularly appropriate name for what most would consider a punishment implement. There are pain sluts out there who would say being flogged is a reward rather than a punishment, but not being one of them, I can appreciate the name.

The handle of the Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger is made of raw steel and comes in either powder coated Candy Apple Red or Natural Steel. While I love the look of the natural steel and prefer some of Sex and Metal’s handles that way, I’m a sucker for bright colors and was hoping the twisted steel strands would stand out and look great in the Candy Apple Red. I am pleased to say they do. As you can see from the included images (which do not do the flogger justice), the handle of the Mea Culpa has a large ball at its end and is wrapped with a spiral of three twined strands of steel. There are two not so little spikes right above the spot where the fall attaches to the handle. The spikes are slightly sharp but you’d have to work hard to get them to cut skin. As far as the twisted strands around the handle go, I have no idea how they make the steel do that. My navel piercing is made of stainless steel and it requires a pair of pliers and two people to pry it open.

I’m pretty sure the handle is hollow or it would weigh more than its already hefty 10.5 ounces. The entire Sex and Metal Mea Culpa Flogger only weighs 13.5 ounces, so that gives you an idea of how substantial the steel handle is. However, at 9″ in length and 1.91″ in diameter, the weight is spread over a fair amount of space making it evenly balanced, which is important for the wielder of the flogger. I have been having a significant amount of neck pain recently and without really paying attention to what I was doing, I randomly started rolling the handle of the Mea Culpa Flogger against my neck. While this is certainly not the intended use, it makes a pretty good neck massager in a pinch.

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