Property of Potter: Double Pop from G-Spot Lollipop Review

Double Pop from G-Spot Lollipop Review Book Cover Double Pop from G-Spot Lollipop Review
Property of Potter
G-Spot Stimulator
October 2, 2013

The Double Pop from G-spot Lollipop is a fun and interesting toy designed to provide broad G-spot stimulation. This non-threatening product is double ended with one side being larger/smaller than the other. It’s super easy to use and is great for both solo and couples play. The length makes it comfortable to use on yourself, and the ball at the opposite end is easy to get a good grip on. If you’re using this on your partner, do be careful not to thrust too hard. Since the material is so rigid and is fairly long, it wouldn’t be difficult to accidentally cause your partner discomfort.

Apart from G-spot stimulation, the Double Pop can also be used while you’re doing your Kegel exercises. It’s a great tool to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The smaller the Pop, the harder your muscles will work, so if you’re looking into getting this primarily for exercise, consider getting the smallest size.

Though you might think vaginal use is the only way the Double Pop can be used, it’s actually anal safe as well. Because there’s so much length between the two balls, it couldn’t accidentally slip all the way inside of you. That’s right, the Pop is useful no matter your anatomy is!

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