Property of Potter: Cadet from Pleasure Works

Cadet from Pleasure Works Book Cover Cadet from Pleasure Works
Property of Potter
September 28, 2013

As soon as I saw the Pleasure Works dildos I was interested in them. The images on the Good Vibes’ website looked awesome and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one! When it arrived and I got to see it up close and in person, I was really confused about the overall look; is it super realistic or not? I was a little put off by the very detailed head paired with the seemingly unfinished shaft. I left it for a couple of days, not wanting my opinion to be influenced by the odd look.

The moment I inserted the dildo I was immediately surprised by the feel of it. It was simply perfect for me! The level of firmness, how effortlessly it slipped in and out of me; when I closed my eyes it felt exactly like the real thing! I immediately got over the look of it and couldn’t stop focusing on the realistic feeling it provided. It gave me that great popping sensation, nuzzled up to my G-spot, and when paired with my go-to clitoral vibe, gave me intensely powerful orgasms.

Just wow!

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