Purple Passions: Maia Porpora D3 Review

Maia Porpora D3 Book Cover Maia Porpora D3
Purple Passions
September 20, 2013

The D3 is intensely amazing and a dildo I love when I use it. As it is so intense I only fancy it sometimes, that it personal preference and others may love it all the time.

The D3 in two words, intensely amazing. There is nothing else I could use to simply describe this dildo. The size is large and it can look somewhat intimidating. I usually go for medium sized dildos and honestly thought that I would never be able to take the length. That is what I struggle with most, when dildos are long. I find them to be uncomfortable and almost prodding at my cervix. However with the D3 it stretches your width and your length. When going in it can be quite a shock and I suggest warming up first and using water-based lubricant as this is a silicone toy.

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