Naughty Reenie: Tantus Little Flirt Review

Tantus Little Flirt Review Book Cover Tantus Little Flirt Review
Naughty Reenie
September 22, 2013

I have been lusting for a plug since the moment I have forbidden my first plug to actually go where it was supposed to go. The smoothness and swirls got so irresistible that I finally made my mind into training that little virgin butthole of mine.

As the first plug that had the honor of exploring my inner anal walls, the Tantus Little Flirt did not leave my butt content. It walked its way in slowly, flirting with the surrounding of the tunnel, teasing the pleasurable spots before finally deciding to escape, leaving my poor butt hole confused and in desire.

The Little Flirt is a flirter that will not commit. It refuses to get involved in any kind of relationship with my butt even after pleasuring it through half way. Its a little teaser and torturer; it knows exactly what my butt wants, but it just doesn’t want to give it in fully.

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