Property of Potter: Lelo Gigi 2 Review

Lelo Gigi 2 Review Book Cover Lelo Gigi 2 Review
Property of Potter
September 25, 2013

I never had a chance to grab Gigi, so when I heard they were coming out with an upgraded version of this highly rated toy, I was beyond thrilled to try it out.  The Gigi 2 has some great upgrades that include a softer silicone, 100% more power, and is now fully waterproof.  Now, I can’t compare it to the first, but I can say that the silicone is nice and soft, and after testing it in the water I know that it’s fully waterproof, but I have no way to compare the power level.  After having used the Ina 2 and Mona 2 I was expecting to be blown away, but it doesn’t match the power of those.  Granted, the others are larger in size, so that might be part of it, but the Gigi 2 isn’t too shabby.

When I first held it in my hands and turned it on, I didn’t think it was going to work for me at all.  I’m a total power queen and I need my toys to be quite powerful in order to enjoy them.  I tried it out with doubt in my mind and wasn’t at all surprised that it fell short of my hopes.  Disappointed, I waited another few days before trying it again.  This time, I decided to forget about the other Lelo products I have and just experience this one for exactly all that it is.

Surprisingly enough, my feelings changed.

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