Noveties Toy Meets Girl: Lelo Ella Review

Lelo Ella Review Book Cover Lelo Ella Review
Novelties Toy Meets Girl
October 1, 2013

The Swedish company, LELO makes some incredible sex toys, uhm… I mean, pleasure objects. Not the least of which is ELLA. She’s easily overlooked though because she has none of the whiz-bangs and do-dads that their other products have. But don’t dismiss her so easily. Sometimes, simplicity is exactly what’s needed. I know she’s stolen my heart and the first time I used her, I squirted for the third time in my life.

ELLA is a G spot targeting dildo and wow, does it ever target. It looks a lot like the LELO GIGI 2 that I recently reviewed but of course ELLA doesn’t vibrate. Despite the fact that it doesn’t vibrate, it still gave me one of the most powerful squirting orgasms I’ve ever had. Well, I should clarify that ELLA didn’t do that all by herself. I haven’t been able to have pure G spot orgasms so, I need simultaneous clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. My We-Vibe Touch fills that position nicely.

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