Beck and Her Kinks: Blush Novelties Femina Kegel Balls Review

Blush Novelties Femina Kegel Balls Review Book Cover Blush Novelties Femina Kegel Balls Review
Beck and Her Kinks
Vaginal Exercisers
September 25, 2013

I enjoy the Femina Kegel Balls because it has so many uses. You can insert the Femina with the casing for a full and weighted kegel exercise. However, you might find this size just too much as I did. The balls can be removed from the casing and used as ben wa balls, which are just as effective for kegels. After inserting one of the balls, you can decide if the other is necessary for yourself. If you stand and feel like the weight is slipping out – you don’t need the second ball. If you feel nothing – add the second ball. Be sure to warm the balls if you don’t think your vagina will enjoy cold glass. I happen to love cold glass! Another use would be to use one or both balls to massage areas of the body like the back, neck, shoulders, etc. By moving in a circular motion you will massage the areas.


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