Property of Potter: G-Buzz from Oro Vidri

G-Buzz from Oro Vidri Book Cover G-Buzz from Oro Vidri
Property of Potter
September 15, 2013

While I was browsing the Oro Vidri website, the G-Buzz really jumped out to me. There are lots of products that contain gold and silver flakes, but there was just something about this one that stood out to me. The shape was so different and interesting to me, and with the texture on top of that, I knew I had to add this beautiful piece to my collection!

Holding the toy in my hands, I knew I was already in love with this piece! I wish I could just hold it all day! I know that sounds strange, but there’s just something about this glass that makes me want it around me all the time. When it came time to use it for the first time, I was super impressed. I’m someone that usually prefers some girth to my toys, but the texture on this one really made up for the size difference. Both thrusting and twisting the dildo felt amazing and I was impressed with how easily it rubbed against my G-spot. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you already know I can’t orgasm from internal stimulation alone, but when I used the G-Buzz along with my go-to clitoral vibe, I was blown away! Using them together created one of the most powerful solo sessions I’ve ever had!

If you haven’t checked out the beautiful products created by the amazing artisans at Oro Vidri, you don’t know what you’re missing! I highly recommend looking at their current collections (Lush and Crystal) and keep checking back this Winter for the release of their Venetian Dreams collection which will feature limited edition colored pieces as well!

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