Back and Her Kinks: Divine Interventions Holy Water Lube Review

Divine Interventions Holy Water Lube Review Book Cover Divine Interventions Holy Water Lube Review
Beck and Her Kinks
September 10, 2003

I used the Holy Water lube despite not liking the scent of it. The silicone on the Devil dildo is very grabby, so it needed lube anyhow. I found that this lube dried rather fast, so I needed to apply a decent amount from the start or I needed to reapply. When it dries, it does tend to leave a dry residue on your skin. Almost like it sucked all the moisture off of you. This is why washing it off is a must. I didn’t notice it staining my sheets or other clothing, either.

Overall, it’s a decent buy because it’s water based that doesn’t have the ingredients that most find allergy causing. While it’s not my favorite lube, it’s far from being the grossest lube I’ve ever used. Once the bottle runs out, I won’t be purchasing another bottle because I don’t enjoy the smell, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a decent product.

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