BeanFiddler: JO Warming Massage Glide Review

JO Warming Massage Glide Review Book Cover JO Warming Massage Glide Review
July 10, 2013

I find JO Warming Massage Glide to be extremely slick and smooth. The texture really is great for a massage and the word “glide” describes it very well. The multiple types of silicone in the massage oil make it feel soft and pleasurable against the skin. It also allows for multiple uses. You can use JO Warming Massage Glide as a sexual lubricant, both for anal and vaginal penetration, with a partner or on your own. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to use it with silicone sex toys as the silicone in both products can react negatively with each other and damage your toy. However, it is latex-safe so it can be used with many brands of condoms. Silicone is a good skin moisturizer, so not only are you receiving a great massage (hopefully), you are conditioning your skin at the same time.

As I mentioned above, a little JO Warming Massage Glide goes a long way because it does not evaporate like a water-based lotion. So, you always want to start out with a small amount and add to it rather than begin with a huge glob and end up slipping and sliding too much. As a general rule, silicone-based products do not totally absorb into the skin so JO Warming Massage Glide really will last as long as you need it. If you use a lot, you may need to wipe/wash it off when you are done with your slippery activities. If you are more cautious, you may be able to pop clothes on immediately afterward.

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