Property of Potter: Wham Bam Paddle from Tantus

Wham Bam Paddle from Tantus Book Cover Wham Bam Paddle from Tantus
Property of Potter
September 06, 2003

My husband and I don’t normally participate in much impact play apart from the casual slap on the ass, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to test out a little more. Not understanding how being whacked by something could be pleasurable, my man has always held back, fearing that he would hurt me. He’s a softie deep down.

The Wham Bam paddle kind of fell into our laps, and I took it as a sign. I again expressed my interest to him in testing out impact play with me, and he agreed, obviously a little uncomfortable by the idea. We spent lots of time on foreplay, and were both in that state of extreme arousal before trying it out. I was on my knees when he entered me from behind, and while he was thrusting, he was also slapping my ass with it. I could tell he was starting off easier than necessary, feeling the slaps, but not much sting behind them. He pulled away from me and gave me a few good whacks, now that I felt. This was the first time I’d ever been hit that hard and the sensation was totally new to me.

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