Property of Potter: Oh! Rabbit G-Spot from Lovehoney

Oh! Rabbit G-Spot from Lovehoney Book Cover Oh! Rabbit G-Spot from Lovehoney
Property of Potter
September 06, 2003

Rabbit vibrators in general are a big hit or a miss and thanks to my anatomy, they’re usually the latter.  My clitoris is pretty far away from my opening and many clitoral arms only just barely reach, or don’t at all.  The Oh! Rabbit G-Spot actually worked pretty well for me, and I found myself enjoying it fairly well thanks to the power of the strongest vibration level.  I was feeling really good about the toy, thinking I would really enjoy it, and then I turned on the rotation setting.  I couldn’t believe how loud it was!  

On top of that, I tried it on each setting and didn’t find it to be very stimulating to me.  I’m not very sensitive inside, so this might have been a personal issue, but it really didn’t thrill me.  After being so pleased with how the vibrations felt, I was extremely let down by the underwhelming feeling and very loud rotation of the shaft.  I couldn’t concentrate on it because it was so distracting, not something I want to worry about when I’m trying to please myself.

The quality is good, the vibrations are surprisingly strong and deep, it’s waterproof, and works well.  However, the rotation was a total failure in my opinion, which made the insertable portion of the toy nearly useless because only the vibrations are worthwhile.

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