Property of Potter: iGino One Review

iGino One Review Book Cover iGino One Review
Property of Potter
September 1, 2013

Having used only my hands to masturbate for most of my life, I thought the iGino One would work well for me, mimicking what I had already been doing for years. When it arrived and I started checking it out, I was immediately surprised by the power that came from the toy. My husband picked it up, turned it on and said, “wow, this one seems like it will be powerful enough for you!”, even he knows how I work. I was excited about the power behind it at first, until it came to actually using it.

When I put it against my clit, it didn’t feel any different than a normal vibrator. Here’s this completely unique and interesting toy and it doesn’t feel any different. If they had slowed it down, and eliminated the vibrations, I think this would have been huge! Apart from my disappointment surrounding the lack of difference, the power did impress me. I can see it being a big issue for someone that’s really sensitive, especially since the skin Touch piece doesn’t seem to muffle the power very much.

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