Property of Potter: Maseo from Oro Vidri Review

Maseo from Oro Vidri Book Cover Maseo from Oro Vidri
Property of Potter
August 31, 2013

Handling my Maseo for the first time, I was truly impressed. Often times companies call their products luxury, but I’ve never felt anything like the quality you can expect from Oro Vidri. I’ve used many glass dildos over the past few years, but they all feel cheap compared to this.

In use, this dildo is amazing! Being the primary toy user in the house, and female, I enjoy using this toy to stimulate my G-spot. I’m not someone that’s super sensitive inside and I usually prefer larger toys (which you call tell from the other reviews I’ve written) so I was quite surprised with how well the Maseo worked for me. The thin design really kept my focus on the G-spot and it was easy to get lost in that feeling. The rounded tip prevented it from poking at me, while providing pin-point stimulation.

Prostate stimulation was really my goal when I chose the Maseo. The subtle curve and thin designed looked perfect for helping me stimulate my husband’s P-spot. It had all the great features I look for in a prostate massager and I knew it would be really stimulating for him. I’ve been selfish so far and we haven’t used it that way, but I love having a toy that can be used on both of us. It really makes the price point that much more reasonable when you consider the pleasure we’ll both receive from it.

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