Novelties Toy Meets Girl: Wahl Massager (with heat)

Wahl Massager (with heat) Review Book Cover Wahl Massager (with heat) Review
Novelties Toy Meets Girl
October 2, 2013

It looks kind of like a glue gun, sounds like a power tool and you’d never suspect that it’s a sex toy and that’s probably because it isn’t. The Wahl is a body massager that’s been defiled in much the same way as the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand. But the Wahl isn’t nearly as well known as the Hitachi and that’s really too bad because in my opinion, the Wahl beats the Hitachi, hands down. The first time I used the Wahl, I had my second squirting orgasm, ever… and that was from clitoral stimulation alone with no G spot involvement whatsoever.

I just have to say, the Wahl Massager absolutely blew my mind. This thing means business. It has the kind of deep rumbling vibration that reaches down and grabs hold of your internal clitoris and takes it on the ride of its life. This isn’t hyperbole. My experience with it has been that good. The rumbling vibration is why I think the Wahl is better than the Hitachi. The Hitachi is buzzy compared to the Wahl and when I use it, if I don’t come fast, I just get numb and then I can forget about having orgasms until the feeling comes back to my vulva. The Wahl didn’t numb me, granted it didn’t take long for it to give me an explosive, wet orgasm. Another thing I prefer about the Wahl, is that you can achieve more directed, somewhat pin-point stimulation. The Hitachi gives broad stimulation and it vibrates the entire vulva.

When I received the Wahl, I was kind of disappointed. I wasn’t sure what the various attachments were made of until I had them in my hands and saw “PVC” stamped onto the backs of them. One of my goals for this blog is to only ever recommend sex toys made of nonporous, body safe materials. PVC meets neither of those requirements. It can sometimes be made without the use of phthalates but most commonly they are used as a plastic softening agent. So, I contacted Wahl to ask them if they were using phthalate free PVC and the engineer replied that he didn’t know. That’s comforting… they don’t know what their products are being made of. Given that the attachments don’t meet my body safe requirement, I wondered how I could review it. Then I had an idea. I asked dizzyguy to swipe some nitrile gloves from work. I cut the index finger off of the glove and stretched it over the Wahl’s Spot Applicator and voil`a! I had a safe way to use the Wahl and I could recommend it to my readers after all.

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