Property of Potter: Grim Reaper from Divine Interventions

Grim Reaper from Divine Interventions Review Book Cover Grim Reaper from Divine Interventions Review
Property of Potter
October 13, 2013

Every dildo available from Divine Interventions appeals to me for one reason or another. Their products are so unique and interesting that I would love to get my hands on each of them! The Grim Reaper seemed like the obvious choice for this time of year because it screamed ‘Halloween!’ to me.

It’s always a gamble whether or not such an interesting toy will actually be stimulating or if the appeal is solely in how it looks. The Grim Reaper actually surprised me! I usually prefer a softer feeling silicone, but the firmness was actually really nice thanks to the great texture. I don’t orgasm from internal stimulation alone, so I pared it up with my go-to external vibe and found it to be really pleasurable. The ribbed feeling was so nice and while I didn’t really feel it connecting with my G-spot, the texture still intensified my pleasure.

I used the dildo for about twenty minutes, and when I pulled it out, the face acted like a bowl for my bodily fluids. It’s easy to clean, but you’ll want to be careful when you pull it out that you don’t make a larger mess. Might sound a little gross, but I’m totally comfortable with what comes from my body, just be prepared that it may also happen to you.

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