Beck and Her Kinks: JOPEN Envy Two and Three Review

JOPEN Envy Two and Three Review Book Cover JOPEN Envy Two and Three Review
Beck and Her Kinks
September 3, 2013

I was very excited to purchase one of these when they were released. I picked up the Envy Two because the Envy one was out of stock. I thought the shape of the Two looked more appealing than the One because the Two has a more tapered top, where the One looked more rounded.

When it arrived and I turned on the vibe to the highest setting, I was impressed. While not the most powerful vibrator I’ve ever experienced…it’s still a power beast.

When I contacted JOPEN about reviewing and Envy, I had already read some reviews about the One and decided that it wasn’t going to be for me, so I decided the Three was the better option.

The Two and the Three are the same in every way, but the length. If I had to pick which I like more – it would be the Two because the Three is just too long for me.

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