Novelties Toy Meets Girl: LELO Liv 2

LELO Liv 2 Book Cover LELO Liv 2
Novelties Toy Meets Girl
October 22, 2013

If you’ve read my recent review of the LELO GIGI 2 then you know how much I really like that vibrator. Now that I’ve had the chance to take the Liv 2 for a test drive, I’m thinking I like it more. The Liv 2 is another redesigned second generation vibrator by LELO. They’ve taken several of their popular vibrators and improved them with more powerful motors (so, they claim) and made them fully waterproof. I haven’t tried any of those first generation toys so I can’t say for certain that the new ones are more powerful but subjectively, they feel moderately powerful to me. Many of the things I love about the GIGI 2 also apply to Liv 2 but I find myself reaching for the Liv 2 more often.

Why do I like it more? Oddly enough, I feel like I get more G spot stimulation from Liv 2 than I do from GIGI 2. It’s kind of surprising to me because GIGI 2 is supposed to be optimally designed to target the G spot and while it does a good job of it, the Liv 2 seems to be even more compatible with my anatomy. It’s probably all going to boil down to personal preferences when choosing between the two. The Liv 2 fills me up a bit more than GIGI 2. It feels more substantial and Liv 2 targets my G spot best with more of a thrusting motion whereas, GIGI 2 worked better with stationary rocking.

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