Property of Potter: Fifty Shades “The Pinch” Nipple Clamps

Fifty Shades Book Cover Fifty Shades
Property of Potter
October 8, 2013

So, I admit it, I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey. After all the publicity, how couldn’t I? It was actually the first published piece of erotica I ever read and I felt shy letting my husband know I was interested in them. Ah, how the times have changed! I didn’t get sucked into the books like some did, but I didn’t completely hate them like others. My interest in these clamps have nothing to do with my feelings toward the books. I didn’t go nuts over these because they were Fifty Shades of anything. I really liked the look and design of them, and was interested in seeing how they would work for me.

Untitled-6When I opened the packaging, I was immediately surprised by the weight of them. I was honestly expecting something super cheap and tacky; light weight plastic beads, thin metal that easily bent, and rubber tips; but was greeted with good quality clamps. I was super excited to try them out! I lowered the slider to the bottom and I immediately knew these weren’t going to work well for me. I have pretty thick nipples, approximately 1/2″ across, and I could tell these weren’t going to be easy to put on.


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