Honey Love Reviews: Sensations by Slumber Parties Review

Sensations by Slumber Parties Review Book Cover Sensations by Slumber Parties Review
Cali @ Honey Love Reviews
October 26, 2013

I’m not sure if you have heard of the company Slumber Parties before? I hadn’t until I went to a party that a friend was holding at her house for a friend. This friend of mine was a consultant with Slumber Parties. I have never been one to talk a lot out in the open about sex or anything like that, even with my husband. But this party was a blast!! It really opened my eyes about trying new things in the bedroom.

One of the things that I purchased was a flavored lotion called “Sensations“. Of course, once I got home with it & my husband asked me what I bought, I got to thinking, “Why on earth did I just get this? It will never get used!” I got the flavor Peppermint Kiss.

We tried it a couple days to a week later, and it was awesome! I’ve never been one to be big on performing oral sex, but this made it better!

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